"Here’s another dimension of poverty. Here is something that most Americans really don’t understand. You see someone begging for change and sometimes people look at them with spite, but what happens when its a 6 years old child begging for change? It’s one thing to say oh there’s a prostitute on the street but, what happens when that prostitute is 10 years old?"

— Immortal Technique

I never understood children’s pageant. To be honest, I never understood all pageants in general, child or not. Essentially these women are going on stage to be judged on their looks. Then when they win and we tell everyone how good of a role model she is to the community. What kind of message are we trying to send, that if you look good, you’re a good person?

Anyways, these mothers dress their child up and allow them to prance around on stage to be judged by everyone. In this particular video, the mother dopes up her child with energy drinks to so call “perform” better. Is it that serious? Why can’t they just go up and do their best and have fun?

We are telling these young and impressionable girls that looks are everything. Failing to win a pageant can only lead to lowered self-esteem and loss of self-worth. Let’s be honest, some parents are crazy. I can only imagine what some of these parents put their child through.

This has got to be some form of child abuse. Some of these parents force their child to fulfill their own wishes or aspirations through these pageants. It reminds me of the “sports parent” who pressure their child to perform greatly when playing sports, to the point of abuse. (whether verbal or physical) Watching some of the Olympics, I wonder how many of the children were forced to do something they didn’t have their heart in to please their parents or anyone besides themselves.

I think this particular event is something that we should get rid of or at least leave for the adults.