Joyeux anniversaire

I just seen someone posted a picture of their grandma on her birthday with a single serving cake in front of her. It was an adorable old lady, but I thought that it was kind of weird to get a single serving cake for her.

Will anybody eat with her? Wouldn’t she rather have everyone around her enjoying it with her. I’m probably thinking to much into it, but a picture supposedly says a thousand words. Being a downer, of course I think of the sad side of it. lol

I’m not sure if it is only my mother or Vietnamese mothers, but growing up, my mother would always watch me and my brother eat. I always thought it was weird but she found comfort in it. She still does it till this day. I always ask “what are you doing?”. She always says the same thing “nothing, just watching you eat, you make it looks so delicious” lol. I reply “eat some”, she replies “no”.

I haven’t been around too many elderly people, unless you consider the 60’s as an old age. I would imagine that the best part of their birthday is being noticed. It feels good to see your children, grandchildren, etc recognize you, remember you. It’s probably easy to feel forgotten when you get to the retirement age, or the age where people see you as a burden.

In my family, we don’t really celebrate birthdays. It’s just comes and goes like any other day. Although, I do take the time to tell my parents “happy birthday”.  My dad’s last birthday, I gave him a call and he was just happy to speak with me. Actually, just my brother because I talk with him all the time. lol

I know what your thinking, this is yet another post about respecting your elders. Well, yes it is. We all don’t give them the respect they deserve at some point in time. Including me. A reminder won’t hurt.



"I know why she always wants to make me food

because watching me grow helps her feel more alive

you was at the hospital when I was born

so count on me to be there for you when you die”

-G. Yamazawa